Crab Grab Mega Claws Stomp Pad

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Crab Grab Mega Claws Stomp Pads

Last time you rode the ski lift, did you wipe out while trying to maneuver the board with an untethered foot? While many snowboarders are agile enough to effortlessly glide off the lift using only one foot attached to the binding, some of us need a bit of extra support for better grabbing and less slippage. That’s where the mega claws Crab Grab stomp pads come in.

Stomp pads are specially designed pads or studs that attach to the top sheet of your snowboard. By keeping your back foot free and providing a place with extra traction, you get a greater grip on the board without slipping off.

Crab Grab understands the needs of different snowboarders, from beginning to advanced riders. They strive to improve snowboard topsheets, whether you need a bit of extra grip, help to keep your back foot in one spot or extra flash on your board. Mix and match Crab Grab mega claw foam stomp pads for the best combination of flare and function.

The mega claw traction pad keeps you steady with its innovative and fun design. The crab claw style looks amazing and offers exceptional back foot traction. The lightweight, durable foam materials and specially designed Gripples squish onto the tread of your snow boot to establish a solid bond, even when your boots are covered in snow. With improved 4EVA glue, you’ll have long-term and secure traction that’s so strong you’ll swear this stomp pad was bolted onto the board.

The Crab Grab mega claws offer amateur and avid snowboarders a great looking pad that effortlessly tackles all your traction needs. Shop Crab Grab mega claws snowboard stomp pads today for the most secure ride. 


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