& only carry products we feel are the best quality and value. We are confident our customers will love whatever they purchase! However, not all products are always perfect and in rare circumstances, defects can sometimes occur. Nearly all products we carry come with a manufacturer warranty and, depending on the situation, can be repaired or replaced at no cost if a defect occurs.

Here are some common questions when it comes to manufacturer warranty:


Q:  After wearing the garment, I’ve noticed a seam pulling apart and I worry it will continue to unravel, is this covered?

A:  YES!  A manufacturing defect, like a faulty seam will be covered by the manufacturer (depending on how long you have owned the jacket). Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help facilitate a repair or replacement.


Q:  I was wearing my new outfit sledding today and came home with a big tear in the sleeve. OR: I was skiing today and my edge slashed my pant leg?

A:  Unfortunately, this sort of incident would fall under a category of ‘users fault’. Manufacturers do their best to use the heartiest of outdoor fabrics, but even the best cannot withstand rough play or accidental run-ins with a finely tuned ski.


Q:  I have worn my jacket two times and the zipper broke today. OR, the zipper on my daughter’s coat keeps getting stuck.

A:  As much as every manufacturer sources the best zippers they can buy, every now and then a faulty one is sewn into a garment. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss the possibility of you having a faulty zipper. Note: if you have a sticky zipper, take a bar of soap and rub it up and down the teeth of the zipper. This will often alleviate the “stickiness” of a zipper. 


Q:  I bought a jacket which I thought would be very warm. It doesn’t feel like it will keep me warm, can I return it?

A:  Insulations have come a long way in the recent years. A garment does not have to be big and bulky to keep you or your little one warm.  In order for these advances to work properly, always be sure to dress with the qualifying base layers. NEVER wear cotton as your first layer, which will not allow the garment to function the way the manufacturer intended. There are many options for base layers, I’m sure you will find what you need on either of our sites.


Q:  I bought a garment that said it would keep me dry. After a day of skiing on a snowy day, I was soaking wet.  Can I return it?

A:  The majority of our garments have a DWR (durable water repellent) coating with sealed seams. If you have purchased one of our many offerings with these qualities and you are still wet, answer the following. Were you skiing / shoveling / playing so hard that you worked up a sweat? If so, often times sweat can be trapped inside a garment making you feel wet. That is something that would not qualify as a fault to the garment, so be sure you have your vents open during heart pounding activities. If you were just strolling along window shopping and were getting soaking wet form the outside environment, please contact us and we can help determine if you have a faulty garment.


Q:  I bought a down or synthetic down jacket and the feathers are poking out, can I return it?

A:  Unfortunately, no. That is an endearing quality of down / synthetic down garments.


Q.  The bottom of my snow pants were dragging on the ground and now they are all torn up, can I return them?

A. Unfortunately, this would not be covered under warranty, would fall under normal wear and tear, and would not be accepted as a return. Even the highest quality of materials will tear and scuff if they are dragging on the ground under your boots. Many of the pants we offer have snap cuffs to keep the back of the pant bottom off the ground and tear/scuff free. We also suggest rolling the pant legs up slightly when walking around town and pulling them down right before hitting the mountain to ski or snowboard.


Q:  I got my jacket dirty so I washed; will it still be ok?

A:  Yes, it should be. However, be sure you always wash it with a mild powder detergent on a cold cycle. After it has been washed, you can put it in your dryer on medium setting for about 15 minutes; after that, take it out, give it a shake and air dry until completely dry. It has been said the washing will actually help adhere the water repelling properties of the garments coatings. So don’t be afraid to wash when you feel it needs a cleaning!


If there are ever any issues with your purchase, please feel free to contact us at or 1-800-924-5484 and ask if your product is covered under manufacturer warranty.